You Never can be Certain

Written by: Mark Russell

Someone asks me,” Why?”I say,” Why not?”
Nothing is gained without being sought.
I always try to give things my best shot.
Some things shall happen, while others will not.

Someone asks me “When?”I think, right now.
I know in my heart I shall make it somehow.
For something to happen you need only try,
Before you know, another day passes by.

When someone asks me “How?" I’m not really sure?
There’s so much in life we just have to endure.
The answer lies inside of intentions that were sent,
I reach into my pockets, but the money has been spent.

Someone asks me, “Where?” But I may never know.
 Some are on the surface while others lie below.
Knowledge is a seed that shall always grow,
You never can be certain what the future will show.

I ponder of these questions most every day.
Sometime I can’t even get, out of my own way.
I look at this journey and see much has passed.
I try to outrun darkness and the shadows that it casts.