Temperance Tarot

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Temperance Tarot" in the mystical ream of tarot card prediction painted canvas figurines proclaim Future depiction a magical illusion holding phenomenal accuracy revealing journeys to follow eluding to great Destiny. the Major Arcana cards are chosen in sequential reading the Quotent visualizes a goal or dream heart is feeding the Temperance Tarot indicates harmony and peace self-control and balance providing disruptions cease. an Angel-like female represents this card so cherished pouring liquid one to one in ancient vessels non-perished a perfect choice to quell the fates in upright position but, if reversed, be prepared for domestic admonition. in the misty aura surrounding elements of Tarot divination the sign of Sagittarious embraces Temperance in manifestation spiritual essence gathers to comfort and console should quarrels and domestic strife be apparent to cajole. belief in meaning of the Tarot dek is different for each purveyor occult is a world of truths to experienced medium conveyors establishing a precedent to understand this method madness creates a new horizon when all else fails to bring gladness. dabbling into strange new entities uncover bold extensions philosophy and psychic crafts invade unique dimensions but be assured if you decide to dwell beyond the odds Temperance is a healthy companion and will not anger 'the gods'. *For Tracie's Tarot Card Contest. *Nov. 12, 2012.