Sugar Won't Melt In His Mouth

Written by: Elton Camp

Sugar Won’t Melt in His Mouth

By Elton Camp

For Rufus it’s a weekly task
To pull out his Sunday mask
He dons it for an hour that day
To assume a sanctimonious way

A chrome fish his car does adorn
To tell all that he’s been reborn
Any little children he will greet
A big smile for all he may meet

And bogus words he does say
“I’m to glad to see you today”
“The Lord’s blessing be on you
In every single thing that you do”

The pastor’s sermon he’ll commend
Yet thought, “When will it ever end”
Service over and he’s paid his due
So he returns to his personality true

Rufus will scowl, curse and watch TV
The filthiest sex show he loves to see
And tells his wife he’ll be running late
When, in fact, he is going on a hot date

In his business he lies and cheats
And delights to count his receipts
When he finally draws near to his grave,
It’s, “I’m sure the Lord my soul will save”

Then at his funeral, the pastor will avow
“He’s walking streets of gold right now”