Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

The Christkindl market is filled
with dazed shoppers and the good willed,
sipping cider, a fragrant balm
for those toasting the Tannebaum. 

Schnitzel, pfeffernusse, strudel,
Sausages, hot buttered noodles, 
dutch treats, dark chocolate from Belgium,
each savored by the Tannenbaum.

Organ grinders and bell ringers, 
Alpine dancers, German singers,
chilled voices join, some only hum
close to the greens of Tannebaum.

Mary waves from a real manger,
smiles pass from stranger to stranger,
far from holy lands, sand and palms,
we praise the gift of Tannenbaum.

Christkind has come, God’s only boy,
He brings to all love, hope and joy,
we hold hands, embrace the sweet calm
then softly sing O Tannenbaum.

The Christkindl market is a German, outdoor market with many vendors of foods and gifts. the Tannebaum, the Christmas tree, is erected in the heart of the market. The market lasts three days and is usually bustling with busy, happy people from a variety of cultures who celebrate our city’s German heritage. For a view of what I attend each year (it’s really something ...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH_4vTvFF30.

Christkind - the Christ child

This poem is an example of a modified Kyrielle.