I Think I'm In Love

Written by: Lillie Williams

I think I’m In Love

Butterflies in my stomach
Joy in my eyes
This crazy feeling in my heart
Burning me inside
No appetite to eat 
Trembling in my hands
A joyful sensation even
I don’t understand

My heart beat fast when
He walks through the door
My eyes tends to light up
 Brighter than before
Just the mention of his name
Takes me higher than drugs
I can’t explain this feeling
But I think I’m in love

Day dreaming of him
All the day long
Setting in my easy chair
Talking on the phone
Looking out the window
While setting in my room
Wasting all my money 
On expensive perfume

Driving around in my car
Hoping to see his face
Just the sight of him 
Gives me energy for days
The more I fight to
 Let this feeling go
I find myself sinking 
Much deeper than before
I’m wrapped around his fingers
And trapped in his world
This feeling is telling me;
I think I’m in love!!!!