the fall

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Fall
He was so very famous decorations covered his 
puny chest, stars shone on his clothes hanger
shoulders, he was famous, yet no one asked what 
he was famous for, but fame has its own aptitude  
as long you are up there in the glare… bombshell, 
he was found to be unfaithful to his wife, and had 
to resign in shame, oh this shame, from his top job 
We think? What´s the big deal, but we cannot say so 
because we have to be M and P correct. The one he 
was sleeping with, doesn´t get any blame…“ He was 
a forceful personality I couldn´t resist him” Meaning 
it was his fault, playing the card of the little woman 
and it worked. Yet when history is written of men who 
lost out to lust and greed, the woman or those like her 
will be a nameless footnote in history.