The Emperor

Written by: craig cornish

The tarot cards are splayed to form a Celtic cross,
A tale of past, present and future hopes and fears,
A tale of how once precious love was lost
And answers to a question that carries through the years.
The Emperor casts its’ spell whenever it is played,
He is Zeus, the great King Minos, with powers of life and death,
The symbol of our father’s power, commands we should obey.
Yet, experience has taught, a path of caution is best.
He is stability, authority, discipline and control,
But also ego from which corrupted power grows.
The other cards that fall will help us search our souls
And help us overcome the obstacles we know.
May we seek to use the Emperor’s rule for good,
To rise above temptation for deceit,
And use the Emperor’s strength the way we should,
Not burdened with egocentric self conceit.

For Tracie's Terot Contest