Joseph, Mary and the Donkey

Written by: Carol Zic

A donkey carried Mary and her unborn child to Bethlehem
Joseph sturdily led the way on foot it has been penned
The donkey proved a faithful friend to Joseph and Mary
It got them to where they had to be on time and safely
Democrats’ choice of logo was I think made to demonstrate
How staunchly Democratic Party members usually operate
By laboring daily and tirelessly for their constituency
Sacrificing speed for carefulness and dependability
Sadly, though, donkeys can be stubborn and may refuse to budge
Like Democrats if indecisive are prone to delay and misjudge
I applaud the Democratic Party’s’ efforts to serve so diligently
But particularly and much, much more significantly
If the donkey was good enough for Joseph and Mary
How could I, a sinner who worships and prays infrequently
Dare to disagree?