Anguishing Love

Written by: brandy uptain

This is torture,
Everytime he looks into my eyes my heart receives another puncture,
And needs yet another suture,
What an anguishly sweet mixture,
For my heart, the completely broken fixture.

He spoke to me,
And my speech seized,
My heart rapidly increased speed,
And my breathing completely ceased,
And with one wink my soul released.

He smiled at me and my joy exploded,
My legs folded,
And my strength imploded,
His smile withered and scalded,
It screamed "Watch out this love machine is loaded."

He touched me and set my body and soul aquiver,
He is such a pleasure giver,
He burst into my heart and soul through nothing more than a sliver,
He snuck up from behind and engulfed me in shivers,
And he gave me an explosive fever.

He gave me his beautiful heart,
And that was the start,
I knew from then on we would never part,
He proved he was unequivically smart,
Because at that moment I forever gave him my heart.

He told me he loved me and stole my breath away,
He stole away the November's gray,
And brought to me the warmest day in May,
He promised he would stay,
 And from now own he will be my hero, my lover, and my soul mate until my dying day.