No Woman, No Cry

Written by: Carma Reed

A song, so defined, as she, lays her 
heart, pure n' fair, Is where he'll
hold her tears, back in,
soaked n' drenched, dredd-locks, 
across her eyes, No woman, 
No Cry, should ever fear, 
though I have justified, that its 
fascination, is a humbled 
one,among a soul, who's true 
n' rare,for he'll dry those 
tears,once more,to show, his 
blissful lyrics,he says plz love, 
don't cry,against the 
rain, As he now bares his 
love world wide, where it hides no
more, mamma plz don't cry,
no woman; no cry, 
No Fear, I love You, 
in A S.O.S........

Inspired by a great legend: 
singer/song writer
Bob Marley
You are truly missed
May god watch over us,
And many wishes........

Carma Reed