Five Letter Word

Written by: E. N. Igma

The chill outside the window swept the oatmeal room
where he took his comfort; a secondary womb
on days the sun refused to part the gloom
of ordinary lies.

The question wandered, clumsy, stumbling in his mind,
where the past took liberty, refusing to unwind.
Festered now, the fetid lines 
of ordinary lies.


Dying interrupted. A sound body
refusing to decay sufficiently
to enter the crypt.

Nothing matters, the daily crossword becomes
an endless solving. What is
a five letter word for

salvation? Preached as though it was believed,
available to all, free of charge, 
he would say to those

with ears, listening or not; but the specter 
of his heinous crime shattered
his chosen truth.


Where in the dance does the music stop
for wounded children forever cursed
by the sins of a father?

Seventy times seven the prayer passed lips
quivering.  The godless sky with no light.
No stay of self execution.


On sunny days the old man still laughed,
less now though, and slurred.
The line of doubt

fastened by his clenched jaw
unwilling to surrender
to life, or death.


The bicycle pedals in rhythm the tune of
words falling on forever paper.
Blessed release.

The song of redemption. The older and the younger
suffer together, miles apart and wait
for a five letter word.