soldier's heart

Written by: Goode Guy

it'll break yours - to see an old man cry
lips shaking at the memories
legion hats and baseball caps
with buttons and pins and medals stuck

the soldier talks and tells a tale
those past events - didn't turn out so well
haunts he's carried most all his life
more than the slain, he's burdened with strife

and there's some who can't go back before
they fought and slew, as soldiers of war
so doctors and counselors diagnose and surmise
PTSD, shell shock, combat fatigue, or soldier's heart

killing is killing no matter the cause
and living hearts bleed, as those that died
whether enemies, allies, or innocents are killed
is still a good reason, to break down and cry

mankind - such an interesting notion,
that our civilization's men are really kind
hand-to-hand or remotely terminating a life
it's hard to comprehend we're really that blind

bomb-bay doors, M-16s, foxholes, phosphorus fires
the children, platoons, felled in murderous quagmire
General Sherman said it better than I, "War is hell,
good that it be so, least humanity love it too well"

© Goode Guy 2012-11-12's_heart