Dictionary Fun

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

As I struggle through what life throws 
I admonish myself not to give in to the lows
I attempt to get on and give as good as I get
In relationships family and friends and yet

My inner soul sometimes cries out in pain
Needing to cherish a love and passions hot flame
Taste the sweetness of yet another kiss
Watch love bloom and surrender to bliss.

Yearning for two arms to hold me so tight
Tender but burning kisses to delight
Bamboozle the imps of fate that try
To part two lovers to make them cry.

I cherish the love that is given freely
An abomination to those who live only nearly
They live their lives but forget to live
Remembering the take, forgetting the give

They scorn those they cannot match
The green eyed jealous monster they hatch
Affection and friendship can be intertwined
Why cant’ this be the way of all mankind.

© ~GG~ 12/11/2012

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