The Inaugural Ball of America's Fall

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

On this infamous, tragic date of January twenty first, two thousand thirteen,
surreptitious, long orchestrated events gave way to an ambiguous elation.
Such an ironic, accepting, joyous treason has never been seen,
The culmination of the Trojan horse take over of a once great nation.

On freedom and hope, “winners” closed their own iron gated curtain,
Their votes for “change” and “choice” had sealed their own negative fate,
Definitions of good and evil exchanged, that much is certain.            
Lies flew like flies from an angel of light in a fiery lake.

The majority voted for a self proclaimed Godless administration,
Again, they knew much better than God and deemed themselves higher,
And conformed His laws to the usual “ I’m worth it” reconfiguration.
Happily roasting themselves on their own funeral pyre.

On the date of this  “ominous party”  take over.
The Constitution was happily thrown to Rover.