Pranking the Lemurs

Written by: ilene bauer

The lemurs perched on branches,
Fluffy tails all hanging down;
Their faces looked like rubber
And their fur was russet brown.

There might have been a dozen
In this part of the display,
When something happened that
I don’t think happens every day.

A piercing, noisy, clamorous
Cacophony of sound
Erupted from these animals;
Their terror was profound.

Such agitation, so intense,
(This was the real megillah)
Was triggered by a man who made
The noise of a gorilla.

I guess it was convincing
For the lemurs were quite crazed;
And those of us who witnessed this
Were equally amazed.

When they calmed down, a child piped up,
“Dad – make that noise again.”
The father acquiesced, to prove
The intellect of men.

The lemurs, though, did not react
For instinct did suffice
To let them recognize the fool
Who’d try to trick them twice.