My Shadow

Written by: Timothy Mullins

I am your match down to a T
You may move quick but I can follow
Put me to test and then you’ll see
Once we start I'll show you what I mean

That left was fast don’t make me laugh
That right, right after was a synch!
You jump so high but so can I
What a spin but I think I’ll win

Don’t forget you have got to breath
Judging that glare you’re mad at me
What can I say you tried your best
Do me a favor and give it a rest

Here we go for a second time 
You making me think what to do
Be careful there you nearly fell 
I tried to stop but you did not

We’re on our way to get you fixed
By the looks of it, it won’t be quick
And yet again you choose to glare
If only you’d have seen the stairs.