Beautiful Friend

Written by: Kim Hilliker

He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met, but I cannot call him mine-
Why he came into my life, I guess I’ll learn in time.
In his sexiness, he says the sweetest lines and though I know that’s what they are, 
I still don’t seem to mind.
He’s honest in nature, but has no follow through, he’ll make simple promises, 
but they are not what he’ll do. 
He’ll be a dedicated initiator then stops dead in his tracks. His intentions are good,
it’s commitment that he lacks.
His gentle heart has with it a mixture of cold stone though it serves him well enough
that he’ll never be alone.
You’ll never really know him; for, he’ll always keep his distance and persistence will only
meet with silent resistance
He’s in the prime of his life doing exactly what he should, and I wouldn’t want 
to intervene, even if I could.  
So, I’ll say goodbye to romance, and welcome a new friend, hoping our discoveries will 
never truly end.

***Dedicated to JJ 11/11/12