Early Morning Thunderstorm

Written by: Kim Merryman

Thunder booms at three a.m.,
Reverberations shake the house.
Lightning strikes with blinding flash,
While snores come from my sleeping spouse.

The roar of rain pelting the roof,
Wind gusts beat against windowpanes.
Lying awake with pounding heart,
Praying I don't hear a train.**

Eyes are heavy, needing sleep,
But thunder and lightning keep me awake.
I wish this storm would blow away,
Don't know how much more my nerves can take.

At last the angry storm abates,
My weary body can relax and rest.
I close my eyes prepared to sleep...
Only to hear hubby's chainsaw at its best!

Frustration builds and I want to scream,
"Wake up you noisy knucklehead!"
But with great restraint I hold my peace,
And snuggle close to him instead.

**(a tornado is said to sound like a train when it approaches.)