A Drug Needed

Written by: malika turner

How can this be?
How can I let another human being 
take control of me
Let you whisper promises I've 
already heard
I told myself that better is what I 
What makes you different?
I'm still trying to figure it out,
I try to lose thought of you as I 
wonder about
but I end up back in your arms
Safe and warm
your every touch sending chills from 
my head to toes
Oh how I don't want to let go!
These blue veins run with every 
ounces of your heart that I have,
I wonder how long this love will 
just, just one kiss so I can sleep
One heart that you can keep
don't ever walk away from me
I may just go crazy!
I know I'm every where with this 
poem but I can't get right 
Maybe a-another kiss will make me 
alright ;)