Badge of Courage

Written by: Les Pruitt

Copyright © 2008 #138
(commitment for life)
    Be Warned! 

We are not sure where it starts
  but to claim it is extremely hard.

Doesn't take big muscles of steel
  just strong hearts and iron-will.

200-300 men tested everyday
  just a handful selected to stay.

Only after Selection does training begin
  in extremes of conditions that never end.

The "Badge of Courage" belongs to Teams
  of silent-warriors who say what they mean.

Men depending on each other
  like paternal blood brothers.

Always mastering and honing their skills
  to free the oppressed is not a thrill.

Our plans do not include defeat
  enemies are killed, or retreat.

There's no way our foes can win
  we fight until oppression ends.

Contractors after many retire
  we still return to the fire.

This is our commitment for life
  it is the reason we sacrifice.

And, through our "Badge of Courage"
  a chance of freedom is encouraged.

We're the world's Ambassadors of goodwill
  but make no mistake, if we're called to kill.

So, GOD forgive us, and those we hunt
  most don't realize whom they confront.

*Dedicated to the men of USSOCOM/USASOC

by: LP

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