Written by: Les Pruitt

Copyright © 2008 #4
(justification is not where, but why)
-to pay the ultimate sacrifice-

Militaries are for protection not regression,
  but dictators use them to force reelection,
  and some, to maintain ethnic separation.

A soldier is more than one's pride, land or oil,
  why misutilize them on someone else's soil?

However, we must remain ready to fight,
  some like changing plans in the night.

Soldiers should be sent to deter and protect,
  some Nations respect, others neglect.

Nations should "never" war without reason,
  some Nations like doing it every season.

It is like a lust that some must,
  so time to vote, who can we trust?

But, crises and warfare have not been rare,
  it's Prophecy, this is why we must care.

So, beware of the "Mark of the Beast,"
  those unprepared will become its feast!

Before the "Last Battle," when they all gather,
  make peace with GOD, nothing else will matter.

Soon, HE will come and take some home,
  to live where the Angels and Saints roam.

by: LP