A Day Once Whispered

Written by: Les Pruitt

Copyright © 2009 #235
01/21/2009 // edited 11/11/2012
(Inaguration 2008 & 2012)
-Now Cheered And Remembered-

From distant shores far away-
  did many journeyed to stay
  on native´s land, and pray.

Some as slaves, some as free
  never realizing a day could be-
  free at last beyond their past.

So H-U-M-B-L-Y embracing, and cheering
  once only whisphered, and fearing-
  this Nation under GOD could this day
  be united together for a better way...

Unitedly embraced for its journey ahead
  having confidence in whom they´re lead.

For this was, a day cheered-
 no longer a dream feared!

A moment in infamy
  that others can be
  a crown of glory
  in history´s story!

My AMERICA! Year 2009
  morally etched in time!!!

by: LP