SSlipperY Flooor


longing for a drop of rain to wash all the dirt away from my face
from my soul
a tiny drop of rain will shatter all the lethargy that's been eating the brain
all seem to be dark
not the darkness that I long for
not blindness
not music
not even the smoke of a screaming train
a kind of darkness that you must throw up to free your stomach from a moving sneering crow that flutters deep inside you and escapes from your eyes and leaves you bleeding.
it's so dark that it's white
so silent that it's buzzing
how I wish for a cup of sleep with too much sugar
and a bottle of poison or wine with no brand on it
the silence is ripping off my heart, my lungs, my throat
my ears are on the floor
bleeding but running away from my head
they mock me and run away with their tiny red feet
my fingers are dry and skinny with no nails on them
they drop one after another on the red, cold and slippery floor
they follow my feet in search of their nails
and I am left mutely screaming in silence
mutely screaming in silence