Holding a secret prayer

Written by: Jane Kostman

Today I’ve been leading my heart on a lonely chase
 Thinking of things in a million ways
As time just keeps slipping away

Like the rain falling from my sky 
Every day and every night  
Knowing the stars disappear because of the many clouds in sight 

And Inside I hold a secret prayer 
To have someone who would understood the tears I hide
 And all of my emotional roller coaster rides

 That has been bottled for year’s cause of pride
Oh so many times I‘ve tried to make a few new friends 
Some hang around for a while then they disappear again

Just casting me aside far and wide
While my feelings cave in like a rising tide
As try not to cry wondering why I just can’t be satisfied having no friends in my life

And I know that just hanging out with me is getting kind of old 
But I am so tired of being treated like I’m a common cold
Sure is a lonely road to not fit in where ever I go
Although I will keep holding on to my secret prayer 
For that special friend out there somewhere