love I, II, III, IV

Written by: lucas ongawo

                                 LOVE I
Living for no reason or sometimes many
Ones discovered takes strength and all, while
Vying to stay scorched by your attention,
Eternity comes either way, satisfied or not

                                 LOVE II
Listening and nodding and counting
On and on as if there will be no end for your
Very own good; is that what it is?
Eve knew that did she?
                                  LOVE III
Lying and pretending to protect
Once soul of soap that would wash away at the 
Very moment it's touched by water? and
Ending up to nothing?
                                 LOVE IV
Luck of listening to the loudest pound
On your naive chest, flooded to brim with
Various colors of emotion you've never -
Ever felt before-you think? I DON'T KNOW.