Greatest Creation

Written by: Rollo West

I would give everything, to witness the sun embrace the horizon I would do anything to gaze at a full moon in the night sky Even a rainbow would be thrilling to capture sight of I would love to swim in crystal clear waters, of an untouched sea When looking skyward at night, I am captured by a shooting star Then I turn my attention to the millions of stars, igniting my soul The mist that comforts the mountain tops is a wonderment As is a stroll through the rain forest To see the glory of waterfalls cascading down the mountain side The breath taking view on the highest peak in the world Then, to gaze on what lies below To soar as the Eagle does, above the clouds, against the bluest sky I would love to be able to see all the magnificence in this world That of a red rose, blooming in the Sahara A river winding its way through arid land To witness all these wonders of the world But, I know I am already looking at the world’s most exquisite creation Every time you smile, every time I look passionately into your eyes