The Poppy

Written by: Owen Yeates

The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month this year
The poppy will be proudly worn by those who showed no fear
They fought the world war for us, so we could be free
Never having to bow down to Hitler’s tyranny

In nineteen fourteen to nineteen eighteen they laid their lives on the line
Then from thirty nine to forty five being told all would be fine
We thank all of our allies who fought with us side by side
So let no one ever look at a poppy with a sneer, just with pride

For they gave so much in conflict to bring about peace
For some they have lived it, upon their military release
So on this one day of the year they deserve our full respect
At the cenotaph lay poppy wreaths we should not show neglect

Remember at this time our soldiers still fight and die
As for freedom and justice they valiantly try
They too should be remembered for some they will give all
As into the battle they go and some they know must fall

So wear  you’re poppy with dignity 
For every mother and father, whose lost a daughter or a son,
Yes wear you’re poppy with dignity
For every child, that lost a mum or dad beneath a blazing sun

Yes wear you’re poppy with dignity
For every pilot, soldier and sailor
Please wear you’re poppy with dignity
As we celebrate victory not failure