Written by: Owen Yeates

When I was about eleven
It came to the Village was it sent by heaven
We were blessed with our own scout troop
We all joined up one happy group

One winter’s night as we went to scouts
The clouds looked full of snow round abouts
We walked and as the first flake fell
We rushed inside the hall to tell

All those who were gathered there
What was flying through the air?
Everyone went out to see
Then back inside reef knots for me

We played British bulldogs that night
Ended up more like a fight
Two hours later we stepped outside free
You will never guess what we did see

The wind had sped up all night
The road outside was covered white
Only our foot prints through the village trod
Heads down through the wind and snow we did plod

My house was in a lane just beyond the village 
When we entered into the lane we thought there had been a spillage
For suddenly the snow that was only ankle deep
Was up to our waist slowed us down to a creep

We managed to get home and our clothes were wet
This was not the worst of it on that you can bet
My family were up in the roof the snow had blown through the eaves
Was taken out in buckets as we all shivered and hands did freeze

In the morning when I woke I could not go to school
The snow was up level with the hedges it looked rather cool
It only kept us from school one day and that is all
As the big snow blower moved it to quickly I recall