My Motorbike

Written by: Owen Yeates

When I was sixteen I bought my first motor bike
It was Puch 125 cc with two wheels not a trike
I planned to go on holiday to Pembridge in Herefordshire
There was just one hold up my insurance must transpire

Without the dreaded document my mum said I could not go
I was always going to with our without the insurance so
I packed my case and loaded it on the back seat of the bike
My mum I told I would be gone, tough if she did not like 

Just at that very moment the postman did appear
He brought with him insurance papers I let out a cheer
Showed the paper to my mum then out the door I ran
With a very cheeky goodbye to my gran

It was a June day of the best as I rode off with pride
I told my mum I’d ring her the moment I arrived
I rode a little recklessly so got there in good time
Thought I would ring mum later it would not be a crime

Had a great week in the village with my Nan
Raced my cousin Martin from the farm back to my gran
The Firs was the farm of Uncle Andrew and Aunty Madge
A place I will remember pinned to my heart just like a badge

Soon the holiday was over it was my first on my own
Now that I had done it I felt that I had grown
So I rode back in the same reckless way
Yet glad I am I went there, on that very special day