My story

Written by: Gwen Benita Mason Gibbs

My story is not one of overnight sensation
It isn't even one that would get a standing ovation
No crowd cheering for another encore
No limos or screaming fans outside the door

My story is not one of great success achieved
If I told you it was so you would truly be deceived
No mountains of cash storing up in the bank
Sometimes not even enough fuel in my gas tank

My story is truly one of faith and trust in God
This journey I travel to some may seem quite odd
But it is through my faith that I find strength on a daily bases
And am able to ignore the penetrating looks on people's faces

My story is trust that God is with me wherever I may go
And He tells me I'm special to Him and this I'll always know
Don't need to be a star on earth cause I am in His eyes
No need for ego boosters cause God keeps me on the rise

My story is simple and plane to be told
I'll always choose Jesus over silver and gold
I'd rather have something that's truly guaranteed
Instead of something achieved purely through greed