Written by: Ikenna Igwe


Out comes the unwanted object of derision,

Conceived after a hasty union along an unlit alley,

By a mother wholly enslaved to syringes

And a father utterly imprisoned by bottles.

The brawls were painfully endless – 

Shouting, slapping, kicking, and smashing.

For ages I remained a constant reminder of error –
The mucky bridge linking two wrongs.

I grew up, thickly blanketed by rejection and hate;

And soon found solace hugging the streets –
Gleefully content as the devil’s lieutenant.

Clearly I was marked; born by bad, born for bad.

I delightedly played the black messenger;

Drinking, lying, stealing, drugging, hurting…

I got deeper and deeper into hell’s pit – 

A soul entirely spun out of order; surely damned.

I continually ate and drank vile – of all sorts.

But the emptiness…oh, the emptiness…it hurt;

Burning, ripping, searing, slicing, tearing…

The ghostly voice just wouldn’t let me be!

‘Son…you’re much more than this…

Let me in…I can help…just let me in.’

For so long I fought it…yes, I violently fought it:

‘Leave me alone! Get away from me!’

But it kept on; pushing, pressing, pleading…

I couldn’t go on; I was so ablaze within.

Desperate, wretched, broken, and crying – I let it in.

The change was gloriously instant – a transformation

Solidly nailed to peace, purity and hallowed purpose.

At last, I was whole – whole and home.

That night was magic…the night I was reborn.
 © Ikenna.C.Igwe, 2012.