Spectrum of Hope

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Spectrum of Hope Spectrum of hope is seen closely at a sun’s rays Giving that warm light in our eyes that radiates through our souls Thus sending us peace that reflects through our days A hope’s spectrum is heard from a stream of rippling echoes Showing that each wave represents a current flowing in various directions Thus showing us no matter how rough the tide may be, we can always cope Hope is felt when we see the world through God’s reflections Where we are able to gather the strength to pull ourselves out of a dark place It will be then that our peace on earth will show its everlasting detection It is allowing our tears to remind us to embrace Our translucent windows that show visions of our past trials in life Which then transform into windows of hope to conquer it all with grace Faith is inviting the sun to shine in through the raindrops that fight to survive So they shall quench a dying seed to allow a flower to blossom once more Quenching also our constant thirst so we my live an abundant life A spectrum of hope cannot be seen through a heart’s closed door Only an open heart can invite its serenity to shine in Without hues of faith, the images of peace would not show anymore Thus the spectrum of hope would not have a place to begin Contest: Hope Sponsor: Craig Cornish