idea of normal

Written by: andrew delapruch

woke up in a society
that thrives on flaws,
selling all the ways that it
assures one that it can
fix you---
woke up in a society that
puts the thoughts in one’s
that there is an picture of
perfection that one needs
to aspire to---
woke up in a society that
bears no example 
of this thing that it says that
we should all be---
woke up in a society that
if you pay it enough,
it will airbrush away,
airbrush away, airbrush away
everything &
it comes up with products that
you can invest in &
it comes with the plastic smiles
that encourage the
now all that one needs is to
set fire to your own
idea of normal 
(whatever comfort you could
actually find) &
succumb to it all,
believe the lie,
accept all that is told to you
regarding how to be &
maybe, just maybe,
they’ll leave you alone.