Crazy Thoughts No 2

Written by: Jack Ellison

An army of mites reside in our lashes
With mouths and tiny claws
Along the road to human evolution
This surely is a major flaw

Astronauts strangely can't burp in space
What kind of useless dribble is that
A feline can have over a hundred kittens
Now that's one pooped out cat

Some atheists put up Christmas trees
An identity crisis for sure
A cow can poop up to four tons a year
That's sure a big batch of manure

A woman once had sixty-nine children
Talk about barefoot and pregnant
With a dirty big bunch of kiddies like that
She could hold her own beauty pageant

Nose prints are used to identify dogs
Imagine if they used them for humans
Especially during the influenza season... yuk!
There'd be snot all over the policeman

The salary of Toto in “The Wizard Of Oz”
Was a hundred twenty dollars a week
That's a hundred and twenty more than me
Since retiring my new job is sleep

The tallest people in the world are the Dutch
They surely must duck around windmills
While kissing most tilt their head to the right
But those Eskimos rub noses still

© Jack Ellison 2012