For You

Written by: Stacey LeRoy-Dyson

I wish I could tell you, just what you mean to me. 
The conversations we had just enthralled me.

If I knew what to say  to get you by my side,
I would say it in a heartbeat.

Though you will never read this, My feelings ring true.
I really do think , that I Love You.

You love both the things, I am so very passionate about.
You can hold a conversation, you don't just "Wimp Out"

You are the one I would want to have by my side, 
Through good times and bad, you know just what to say.

You encourage me when times are hard, Push me to do better.
You know my talent inside, even though I don't know it myself.

You shall never read this, but I write it for myself.
To remember you by, when good times have been lost.