Allow me to retort

Written by: Leonard Taormina

I am the cloak of absolution that wraps around your thoughts like the blankets on your bed that cling to your never ending desire to be more. Diamond in speech chained in silver I lay before you the objects of your inner most secrets. I am the hidden unspoken that recognizes the mysteries you disguise with such fluidity. And did someone tell you love was forever. There are no measures of time to be weighed in the land of questions which I myself can muster for your concerns if you so enjoy danger.. And why pray tell did you climb back up when you were taken so high only to have the bottom dropped from under you. Behind the reflection of your own eyes you might see the vision of sweetened ecstasy. And if you’re looking in my direction you may see yourself but I am not you. I have been the changer of shapes that can lay at your feet a vast array of distractions served as entertainments that will occupy your desire to devour your pray like the spider you might emulate. And the moon you claim to bathe in well that is my home and the wind when it whistles through the leaves on the tree it whispers the unknown fears that love hides in its garment of seductions and perhaps I might invite you to come listen. So wild and potentially dangerous bring me no fears but what of you wild thing.