My plead

Written by: ShnKimMel Clarke

I learned to accept good with the 
bad.. The ugly ruined everything we 
ever had, realizing u were 
everything I ever had. said u didnt 
rly care & thats what makes me mad 
dnt kno if its a lie or if a fact.. 
Regardless shouldve been there for 
u cus I still see my futur in ur 
hands.. Whether or not & thats what 
makes it sad.. If need be ill let go its 
all part of the plan itll be hard cus ur 
like my bestfriend& my right hand. 
Know me better than myself u truly 
understand.. Im truly sorry& I hope 
that u understand accept the fact 
that im really sorry.. Hope ur 
around for life maybe make me ur 
wife.. From writting ur name In sand  
til forever id want u to b my man.. A 
lil daughter or a son holdin both our 
hands. I might be in dreamland cus 
the dreams weve had.. Know I fkd 
but papi can we stick to the plan? 
Though ur gone ur the only 1 that 
has me hanging on.. Even if it takes 
forever ill never do u wrong.. U 
dissed me I dissed u baby we both 
were wrong. Im still here cus our 
bond is so strong correct me if u 
think im wrong but since 16 u kno 
dat I been on.
 Without pride this time.,still I loved 
u for so long.. Im stuck prayin hopin 
that u aint moved on. I look up to u 
know I believe in u id prolly die for 
u always ride for u..