a mystery it is not for you to know

Written by: Jesse Kaler

what are you saying
i cannot know the answer?
i cannot know the truth?
why not? is it for i am a mortal?
or is it that it is a mystery?
one with whom is not to be known?
i know i cannot know why
but i know i know why
in my heart of hearts 
in the very existence  of my soul
i know it is true
"what is it?" others may ask
i do not know
but i know i know
you may not follow this poem
nor do i fellow beings of earth
God understands it
God knows its meaning
but i do not
i probably will never know
nor will you
but i must say
this poem is not a thing of beauty
for it should bring suspense,
but i must ask...
why can't i know?