Dear Haters

Written by: Jenny Janes

It makes me cry, the things you say,
You think its nothing when you walk away,
But when I'm stuck in my room on my own,
Your stinging words, start to clone.

You think you're funny, and your friends joke more,
You have no idea I'm so insecure,
And my confidence drops increasingly low,
But you don't see this, as I stand to go.

Before I escape you have more to say,
But I really can't stand this for another day,
Your sarcastic words sting as they hit me hard,
My eyes fill with tears, your words are like shards.

But you don't see me as much at all,
I am just a random girl to you, nothing more,
So next time you want to make a joke about me,
Stop and think, there's no point at all.

So, Dear Haters, don't hate anymore,
Because the tears on my face aren't there anymore,
The fake smile has been replaced with a genuine one,
Because your opinion doesn't matter to me,
So don't think you've won.