Written by: olusegun Arowolo

I wander in the wilderness of confusion,
Stagger along the street of unemployment,
yet,I float like the hyacinth on aqua;
found solace in HIS Grace.
When I thought I had no one and nothing,
wishing for death to come,
help came from above,I mean ~MIRACLE!
Unbelievable!How can soldier ant produce honey?,
I now have food on my table,
a nest to lay my head,
Oh!I found favour and solace in HIS Grace.

As strong storm uprooted trees and electric poles..and
took off the roof tops of houses,collapsing walls,
naked wires inside pool of water,
many fell victims but I escaped;
Homeless youths,crying mothers and 
bemused fathers;yet, I remained untouched,
floods sweeping across the coast as 
the inhabitants seek solace in government;
but,I seek HIS Face and Grace,and 
my heart  desire granted.

Epidermic breezes through,
Lassa fever and cholera reaching the apex,
Yet,I remained untouched;
Had six motor bike accidents,
yet, I survived due to HIS Grace,
though I have two artificial teeth,
but my spine and limbs are not distorted;
As we ascend to the 12th floor,
I have no doubt that HIS Grace
will pull me through;
And longevity shall be mine...

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