Jewels in the Crown of Creation

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Spectacles By Joe Maverick

The broad picture viewed..)

Showed deep.." (many faults)

To look longer with.." close eyes..?

A thought emanates from within the gray matter of a cocked cranium.

No matter if the horizon is far or, the focus is sharp, anxiety can be found.

Anxiety plagues the faint of heart, whether eyes are downcast, 

or forward gazing.

Downcast was Lucifer, the morning star; downcast was Judas by his role.

Judas named to praise God, to elevate and so, he did, 

and so he hung in betrayal.

He likens unto we, as each foot laid upon the crust

 of Mother Earth mourns our fate.

Earth, the crucible of unleashed fire, the home 

of metaphorical brimstone waits.


Oh, how we ruminate on the pap of unholy men, 

searching with squinting eyes, searching, 

with or without faith in the outcome, 

or joy, in the chaos of creation.

Many a fault has been turned to unsought gold,

when looked upon with courage.

Looked on in acceptance, all that is was,

and will ever be, though forms change,

though word, and thought and deed, 

may seem of great affect, all are small in the I,

small in the depth of endless dawns, 

endless nights, significant in there insignificance,

Significant in the contributions made 

to the jeweled crown of site of creation. 

Poet: Debbie Guzzi