One would have to be wary

Written by: Dark Mistress

One would have to be wary...

Draining sinful tears,
Holding on to dreadful fears.

Betrayal, despair.
A feeling that is hardly rare.

An image we pass,
Not knowing how long it shall last.

A crossroad to choose from, 
or what is to come?

Complicated sweetness,
or merely a sign of weakness.

Close your eyes, think no more.
Slowly repair all that is sore.

Tomorrow will perhaps bring laughter,
A little more than less, one would rather.

Not a care around as you being begin to speak,
Imagining what it is you truly seek.

Confusion settling in,
With nothing really to win.

Decision made,
Opinions fade.

Ah, to be someone's muse,
Or simply bemused.