Unfinished words

Written by: Dark Mistress

Unfinished words

You've disappeared, now gone without a trace.
Meaningless, now gone to waste.

I know to you, this but a story,
Seemingly ending in, I'm sorry.

Allowing you to let me down, 
Foolishly waiting for you to turn around.

This empty reflection
Not yet worth a mention.

Your soaring eyes, now my demise.
Endless times, I had to try.

Not yet lost, yet here I was.
Strong enough to remain above.

To be so bold, 
to have been told. 

Watching from a distance, as you start letting go.
Never, have I been so low...

All the pieces you have left to find,
Slowly disappearing, now remind.

All I am, all we are, 
Capture this distance, now gone to far... 

My message I can not send,
Knowing this would be to hard for you to comprehend.

Spitting out smoke, standing here soaked,
Endless times we could have spoke.

Reviewing all the steps that have been taken,
To be shown in the end, I was indeed mistaken... 

Now knowing nothing much has changed, 
No final words, now left unclaimed!