Another time, another place

Written by: James Chenevert

I awaken to a cool, soft breeze.
It caresses me ever so gently.
I at last see the Gods of heaven'
So glorious, so elegant in their dress.
Golden lace, emerald green.
An array of colors so sublime,
my eyes caress the land of milk and honey.
I feel the overtures of being free.
I watch down below the birth of a new nation.
A democracy ruled by man, 
controlled by Satan's best.
I adhere to the corrup[tion of the soul,
while bending to the whims of the flesh.
I cower at the sight of illusion,
induced by the powers of the mind.
Torn between two worlds,
the one that I am in,
and the one I left behind.
Where am I?
Of course, another time, another place.