Thank you - the one that squeezed my hand

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

When the cloak of darkness descends, it’s easy to get lost in it… I fell, I admit. Despair romanced me with its sweet seduction and I plunged in as though held by glued in tentacles. My days were filled with drunken hallucinations My nights withheld peaceful ministrations But I didn’t ask for help. I was a mountain, right? And I covered up my fault lines with blanketed illustrations. Then came the earthquake Resulting in a heart shattering avalanche – The mountain lay in rubble. Skeletons proved more alive in comparison. Word spread, rumors flew. One by one they presented themselves, friends, relatives, curious onlookers: Disgorging their well meaning gibberish Spewing their illogical advice, Spluttering their self- righteous wisdom. And my heart became hardened. My ingrained ability to withdraw into myself forcefully simmered outwardly. One by one they left. All except one. You came near, sat besides me, took my hand and gently squeezed it. Your warmth infused into my body and slowly a tear fell down my cheek. You held me in your arms and I felt it – Your heartbeat… penetrating through my back, piercing right through my stone heart, reigning in my anger, breaking ground to allow for a new heart. And I knew that was my turning point – The exact moment when you squeezed my hand. So…I thank you. …You are the one that saved me.