Winter's Song of Angel's Love

Written by: jett franco

the misty wind, cool winter on low tide palms.
searching summer caresses firm views and kisses.
corner stone on sky of midnight's cry.
stars and moon hug on peaceful night of love.

luster shadows on virtual beauty of a lad
why am I longing for low tide palms?

diamond eyes never seen started glowing
sweetest lips forgive my sinful desire
your just a long way ride, I never would complain
your splendor is my meekness, my joy, my sinful desire

soft angels voice sings in her words
heavens gift of eternity at sight, no questions!
a touch of softest hands energizes weak callous
hold me lad, I'm drowning in love.

you're no Scarlett by name, no tiger's fame
you're just the desire, coveted devotion, my faith
no more be compared to a goddess like you
unique, perfect; you're just, you're the simplest you.