Time Heals Nothing

Written by: Maridean Willimson

Hole in my chest,
slow sweet burn,
have I become a masochist,
even with the lesson I've learned?
the scares I bare,
remind me now,
of times I've loved,
now that I've forgotten how,
time heals nothing,
but makes us numb,
to the pain,
to which our hearts will succumb,
yearning for,
a time now gone,
you moved on,
lines are drawn,
yet you still smile at me,
that adorable smirk,
you bring forth,
those feelings that lurk,
those feelings I hate,
for there will never be,
a happy ending,
for you and me..

What do you do when something you feel never really goes away, yet there's no point in those feelings because they'll never go anywhere??