The One That Got Away

Written by: Mads Kolding

You were my life’s foundation,
There won’t ever be another one, no,
Horrified with my transformation,
I remember you as the light in the snow.

These times we had; we kissed, we cuddled, we had a blast.
The world seemed ever so vast,
For when you were with me,
The days would eternally last.

As shining stars you shined so bright,
More than willing to take up the fight,
Ever so close to feeling the light,
But for you I’ll never be the mounted knight.

Because one day you shared your love with me,
The next; you could nothing but flee,
And with my world at your knees,
My life got turned to agony.

The blink of an eye made your love a rash,
Did you live a lie, which turned me to trash?
Where will I remain, forever in the past?
Who will know before my last.

Why did I myself mindlessly threw?
Hoping that in the end, there would be just you,
But I was the one among few,
Who truly felt how high you flew.

I could’ve been the lion or the hawk,
Everyone kept saying it was my own call,
Perhaps I was just too haunted by the thought,
That in the end; destiny suits us all.

The world’s most beautiful princess,
Wondering if you even miss me by inches?
Feeling nothing but distress,
I’ll never find one with qualities you possess.

And so here I sit with my heart of clay,
Trying to hide my now dearest gaze,
And I’ll be forever living, the rest of my days,
Knowing that this was the one, the one that got away.