My Space

Written by: Gale Greenwood

I found this place several years ago.
It was during a time when life engaged my soul.
The energy was strong I could feel it as I drove along.
I promised to come back so here is my song.

Time is nonexistent within this story
of statues carved out of nature’s glory.
There are three that are here to point the way
beyond eBay beyond the day.

The courageous lion sits in the middle
protecting the native who is showing the riddle,
while the camel rests under the load of his pack
waiting to nourish our spirits back.

The past, present and future all unite
under the sun’s rays and even the night
It shares the journey and the way to our souls
where faith abides in the history told.

A symbol is what this is, arisen in my space,
but each of us carries it if we open to grace.
Trust the inner voice it always knows the way
even as we wander beyond this current day.

This is my space where I see thru illusion.
I come to the truth and discover fusion.
My past finds its place in the meaning of time.
The journey is movement and trusting the sign.