Winter's Blanket

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

Feathery snowflakes as large as silver dollars waft slowly to the ground!
It's been snowing since yesterday and in the house we are cozily bound.
It has blanketed the lawn and adorned the ponderosa with garlands so grand.
Jack Frost has etched arabesque designs on our windowpanes without end!

My spouse and I are cuddled on the couch sipping Beringer Chardonnay.
Shadows dance about the room from the fireplace log smoldering away.
The lights are low and Montavani's soothing music is so pleasing to the ear.
'Tis the perfect ambience as we watch it snow and reminisce about yesteryear.

Spooks the dog and Simba the cat have called a truce to their usual brawling.
They seem to be at peace and, entwined, nigh the hearth they lie sprawling.
Outside, the snow is drifting and suddenly I hear a horse's muted neigh,
Trotting merrily along with a load of cheerful folk in an old-fashioned sleigh!

Currier and Ives would be hard pressed to depict such a scene as this.
With the one you love before a glowing fire on such a night is pure bliss.
I am going to savor this special evening 'cause just as sure as I'm alive,
I'll be up at the crack of dawn shoveling heaps of snow from my drive!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in Gail Angel Doyle's "Winter's Blanket" contest - Nov 2012